Girls Varsity Tennis · Girl’s Varsity Tennis finishes 1st place at KRC Conference Tournament

  Place Points
Woodstock North High School 1st 18
Marengo High School 2nd 10
Johnsburg High School 3rd 9
Woodstock High School 4th 5

The Woodstock North Girl’s Varsity Tennis Team won the KRC Conference Championship for the fourth consecutive time today defeating conference opponents Marengo, Johnsburg and Woodstock High School. The Thunder were able to score several points in every flight and used these team points to win the championship outright. Congratulations to all of the girls on the team and good luck at sectionals next week!

The line-ups for each school are as follows:

Woodstock North:

1st Singles: Sophia Ferru
2nd Singles: Anika Treadway
3rd Singles: Ximena Garcia

1st Doubles: Kaitlyn Mauck & Maggie Thomas
2nd Doubles: Jacky Alvarez & Bethany Lintner
3rd Doubles: Belinda Mendoza & Sophia Davidson
4th Doubles: Elle Lagerstrom and Mariam Syed


1: Lilly Johnson 12
2. Ambria Baker 11
3. Bethany Christiansen 11

1. Noelle Haas 10/Ashtyn Martin 11
2. Rebekah Addis 12/Summer Kunzer 11
3. Theckla Sweat 12/Raina Hellyer 12
4. Jacelynn Lambert 11/Julissa Gonzalez 11

Woodstock High School:

1st Singles: Sarah Colby
2nd Singles: Chase Simonton
3rd Singles: Isa Kozlow

1st Doubles: Emily Esparza/Hannah Wietermann
2nd Doubles: Priyanka Bhatt/Reese Freud
3rd Doubles: Lexi Sanchez/Callie Reuters
4th Doubles: Kelly Belcastro/Kaia Sweet


1st Singles: Gracie Cittadino
2nd Singles: Jilly Popovich
3rd Singles: Amber Conant

1st Doubles: Jess Meyer & Jade Schwichow
2nd Doubles: Jenn Bennett & Chandler Mendlik
3rd Doubles: Kyra Sherman & Sara Knutilla
4th Doubles: Caitlin Flebbe & Emma Rung