Multiple Teams · Picture Ordering Information

Picture Ordering Information for Woodstock North Athletics 

  • VIP will no longer send out picture forms
  • Coaches will not need to hand out picture forms before picture day
  • All orders will be placed online
  • On picture day, we will reverse the sequence of how teams are photographed

o All athletes will take an individual photo (no names or paperwork is collected, keeping this simple and efficient)

o Teams and head-shots are then photographed

o No additional time is required

o No player to photographer contact when handing in picture forms

o Photographers can maintain social distancing standards

  • VIP uploads individual portraits and team photos to an online gallery within 3 days
  • Once the pictures are uploaded to a View and Order gallery, the athletic department sends an email to the parents of their athletes using a pre-written template. We will provide with the link & ordering instructions (This can be skipped if you can provide parent email addresses to us)
  • Parents who place an order will have their purchase printed and shipped directly to them

o No more handing out picture orders to coaches, to have coaches then hand out picture orders to their players

o Print to ship means parents get photos faster

o Parents may receive tracking information when their order ships

o Our low-cost mail to the home solution will add $4.95 to an order